She Said Something

lent day 20

my friend says people are stupid. i know what he means. i know what he means without my friend naming names. but i remind him we are part paraclete. florescenting, hunting for each other’s doorbells. we are doorways to meaning. the bones of beauty. we know how to be continued. we crowd magic when it’s happening. we turn in our sleep toward fractions. we know sometimes, bare feet. we want the tastelessness of water. the something you can’t touch. the feeling-around-part is mad genius. parents know elation, but most of the time, don’t say it. pushing love doesn’t work. Christ. He was no pusher. No abolisher of law or prophets. Note the feast of the sky and that we should’ve all died by now. and that we have not, and naming names is not necessary. i know what he means.