She Said Something



hi and welcome to my interactive chapbook of poetry.


my poems have found homes in print and online in publications like the berkeley poetry review, elimae, poetry international, cultural society, lyre lyre, entelechy international, scrapegoat review and others. i recently moved across country with my husband, two little humans and two dogs, to work as a copywriter and creative director in portland, oregon. my manuscript periphery is in the works, and includes many of the poems published in the above journals.


i’ve been to one reading here in portland. it was kind of fancy. i’d like to learn more and meet more people who write, just because. james wright wrote ‘the branch will not break’ in 1959, and it gives me mind today, seven years after reading it for the first time in grad school, to return to it and keep writing.


poetry doesn’t have to be fancy. my hope is that one of these passages gives you the gift of pause, or clarity about your own reality and invites you to read more—to bring you to read a poet you’ve heard of, but not ever really taken the time to read. or maybe to even write your own mini love letter to humanity. 


to encourage and support other poets and their work, i began the datum:earth reading series in 2009. we held 6 strong seasons. together after the readings, with new england artists, poets, academics and kindred community enthusiasts, we started converse, which was an informal discussion about the work itself, the craft, the process and all other random but meaningful themes that surface when you open up poetry to an audience. you can learn more about the series here.

questions, comments, or reading inquiries? you can contact me directly at

thank you for stopping by.